The more that our culture utilizes technology, the more dangerous that same technology can be. The internet is becoming littered with scams and one needs to be aware and knowledgeable about the security risks that come with using todays tools. Check out these three commonly asked tech security questions below and be more aware and more prepared when it comes to online security.

  • What do Viruses and Malware actually do?
    • Malware or Malicious software actually is a term that encompasses viruses, spyware and more. Malware is designed to wreck your computer and any computer connected to yours. Malware has the ability to corrupt your files, slow your computer, delete your files, and even collect your personal data. To prevent Malware from making its home your computer make sure to never download attachments from emails or files from the internet unless you trust the source.
  • Is it safe to use public wifi?
    • Short answer? No. Public wifi is not very safe. Public Wifi access points offer hackers a prime location to gather lots of information from those using the points. Even the company who owns the location can be tracking your surfing habits without you knowing. Best way to protect yourself when you have to use public WiFi is to make sure you recognize the network name, turn off file sharing and mark the network as Public so your computer’s security can help protect you while online.
  • How can I tell if an email is spam?
    • It’s important to be well versed in telling if an email is spam or not. Opening one wrong attachment can let in Malware you won’t want to deal with. Here are a few things to look for to tell if an email is spam.
      • Look for grammatical errors. Spammers want to catch the quick and the careless, don’t be caught and look through the email.
      • Look for any email asking for personal information, you shouldn’t share any personal information via email unless the source is trusted.
      • Look at who the email is from, untrusted? SPAM.
      • Look for logic. A rich uncle you never heard of or African prince want to send you huge amounts of cash? If the email doesn’t make sense it is probably spam.

So what do these answers tell you? As with everything in life, you need to always be aware of your surroundings. Most issues can be prevent by using common sense and some low cost anti-virus software. You can’t be too secure nowadays, especially when it comes to online security.