3 Pieces of Technology that Will Help You Work More Efficiently

Technology throughout the years has continued to exceed expectations. At FACS we want to always be offering you not only a complete construction project management system, but also suggest technology that will make your work day easier.  Check out these three technology tools that will assist you in managing your job sites better in 2016.

  • Enerplex Surfr
    • For the iPhone user, these little additions will be incredibly handy. You simply attach the case to your phone and charge it with the built-in battery and solar power. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to extend your phone’s battery life and tap into your project management system longer. For the non-iPhone user, Enerplex also offers other simple and easy to use products as well that will allow you to stay charged longer.
  • Apple Ipad Pro
    • The new iPad has granted a new level of efficiency to the job site: a mobile device that offers an equivalence of a powerful desktop on the go. This device offers you a slightly bigger screen, but the same portability and battery life of your laptop. It travels well and may be just what you need on the go. It also runs FACS on the cloud from anywhere!
  • Doodle
    • This free site lets you simplify scheduling. It’s always difficult to track down everyone’s schedule especially when the meeting is with different companies and agencies. Stop the email and phone tag trying to find a date to meet by using Doodle to share dates that work for you and having your attendees vote for the best date for them.

Technology is going to keep improving our efficiency. You can count on that. You can also count on FACS being there along the way to ensure you stay up to date on the latest tools.