The key is to find a workflow that effectively integrates all the different types of document activities into one simple process. From recording data in the field, accessing reference material in the office and reporting on the project’s status the right technology provides a solution for the various document management activities.

A huge help for moving to a digital workflow is the fact that today most documents are created digitally. Ten or fifteen years ago the majority of digital documents were scanned images. While scanning is still heavily used by some today the majority of files are now either digitally created pdfs or online forms as provided by Software as a Solution (SaaS) vendors. Digital documents are easier to track and manage assuring less “slipping through the cracks” and more work completed on time and budget.

The benefits of using a digital workflow are mirrored in the benefits of using a cell phone over a landline. Easier to connect instantly with someone regardless of where they are, clear history of transactions and it’s easier on the back as there’s no more boxes of paper to lug around. If this workflow sounds appealing to you, if you have goals of working more efficiently in the new year and if you want a solution that won’t cause more frustrations, then FACS can help. Work through the rest of our website and see what we have to offer, then contact us and setup a demo. We’re here and ready to help you improve your workflow.