We all know that on the horizon there is a fleet of new and innovative ideas. These ideas often come with some skepticism from the naysayers but are met with excitement from those who know how the innovations will change and improve their industry. One of the newest to the game for construction is 3D printing. 3D printing is now beginning to expand into many different industries and the technology behind it is start to allow for the creation of some truly remarkable buildings.

The concept of 3D printing is essentially large scale machines taking a pre-designed plan and building it with moldable materials on a larger scale. 3D printing has been proven on small scale projects from inches to a few feet. The concept of 3D printing buildings is the next step and one undertaken earlier this year in Dubai where a 2,700 square foot building was ‘printed’ in 17 days. To learn more about the world’s first 3D-printed office building click here for the CNET article.

The potential benefits of this new technology are huge. According to the Chinese company, Winsun, 3D printing has the potential to save over 60% of construction materials used and will require up to 80% less labor. Certainly expect that in the next few years the construction industry will start to see more of the 3D printing coming into play. Here at FACS, we love to see how the construction industry is changing and becoming more innovative. In fact, that is our goal with our construction management software. We strive to continually develop a product that makes your daily life a little easier. Contact us today and see how you could be innovating the way you manage your projects.