The nature of technology is changing and continually advancing. Not long ago we were staring at a computer the size of a moving box and waiting on data to download. Now we’ve moved to slim screens and quicker download rates of our project information. But where will technology take us this year? How will it affect how you manage your construction sites? And better yet, how will it change how you use the software you currently have?

With mobile technology advances, the cloud has become ever more prevalent. In 2016, you will likely see a phasing out of all software that is based on disks and local computer downloads. SaaS, or Software as a Service, will increase, and the virtual world will continue to build. This will allow you to use mobile devices to finally achieve a super computer level of use. Instead of sitting behind your computer all day making calls, you’ll be able to drive your team from the field, the car, and anywhere you can think of. It will allow you to be hands-on and well equipped.

2016 will likely be the year you push your desktop to the side and let your mobile device take control. This new level of mobility and connectivity will allow you to increasingly better use the software you have on a day-to-day basis. Mobile construction software will be in your hand instead of back in your office, and this will allow you to better collaborate, communicate, and innovate throughout your company and throughout all of your construction projects.

The future is coming quickly, and you need to make a decision! Are you going to jump in and join the mobile push? With FACS software, we are moving forward along with the tide of mobile technology. Our project management software allows you to utilize tablets or smartphones to view project information while out in the field. We also allow you to create, submit, review and approve field reports, design changes, RFIs, issues, and much more. Don’t be stranded out in the field while all your relevant data piles up on your desk. Choose a software that will stay up-to-date and offer the functionality you need!