Creating secure passwords nowadays can be tricky. Gone are the times when you were able to have your password actually be a “password”. In order to secure your data in this day and age, you need to be aware that creating “safe” passwords by following security tips and guidelines is important. Many people blow off the need for online security, but the truth of the matter is that identity theft is a real threat. If you know someone who has had their identity stolen, that uncomfortable feeling has probably already set in. Why not change your passwords before you’re the next victim?

One of the first things you’ll want to do to ensure your passwords are secure is to stop using the same password for every login. That one password you came up with on your first ever email account is likely not the safest bet anymore. You can continue using it, but make sure you aren’t using it for everything.

The next step to ensuring your passwords are secure is setting up a system for your passwords. Having a code to use when you set up the account is an easily used method and is generally safe. That code could simply be a color, a number, and a few special characters that you’ll remember. In the case where you need an ultra secure password, you may want to consider a password generator. Try out this generator. It will allow you to choose the pieces of the password you need in order to make it secure.

One final step to making sure your passwords are secure is to use a password vault in which to store them. Sadly, a note on your computer or in your phone does not qualify as secure. We recommend that you give LastPass a try. It saves your passwords in folders for you to access anywhere at any time, even on your phone. It is a worthwhile investment that will allow you to be more secure when accessing private and personal information.

We here at FACS put a high priority on the security of your information. We keep your cloud stored construction data secure, and we encourage all clients we work with to create secure passwords. Find out more about us as a company and our passion to help you better manage your construction sites by clicking here.