How to Eliminate Tedious Fuel & Asphalt Price Adjustment Calculations

With an inability to add more hours to the day, how are Project Engineers supposed to meet the increasing demands of today's projects?

Innovate Engineers know that leaning on modern tools is the answer. Cloud-based Project Management systems, like the FACS Platform, are specifically designed to eliminate many of the time intensive administrative tasks Engineers perform.

The monthly task of tracking and managing index price adjustments for items impacted by significant Fuel and Asphalt price fluctuations is just one example of a critical, and time consuming, task that FACS can help automate.


2022-07 Fuel Asphalt FactorsSuccess starts with the set-up where item factors are entered during the load of project data.



2022-07 Fuel Asphalt IndexesOnce a month, enter the base index prices for Fuel, Asphalt and/or Steel. Running multiple jobs? Not an issue, the monthly factors just need to be entered once within the Platform and all projects will be updated.



Complete your normal review and approval of Inspector Daily Reports which include quantity payment against the project pay items and then run one of the Index Price Adjustment Reports. Each report shows a detailed breakdown, by item, of adjustment dollars for the period.


With historical data just a click away, making and tracking price adjustment payments has never been easier. If you're not using a Project Management software today, or the one you're using is taking more time then it's saving you, it's time to talk with FACS.