How to Simplify Material Acceptance Tracking

Material Acceptance tracking is a time intensive process that requires extensive coordination between the entire project team. The most basic approach requires:

  • Project Engineers creating a detailed spreadsheet noting all items that have Acceptance requirements and the exact criteria needed to be captured to approve payment.
  • Field personnel to check daily if items being worked on have Acceptance requirements and, if they do, to capture any information needed while in the field.
  • Regularly checking the status of any submitted Acceptance documents.
  • Ensuring each period that items are not over paid due to lack of approved Acceptance.

All these steps are enough to create confusion and payment errors that go months without being caught. FACS simplifies this tedious and error prone process by:


2022-06 NE Pay Item Loading 3

Tagging items that require Material Acceptance when they are initially loaded into the project.


2022-06 NE MA WR

Automatically providing Field personnel with the correct checklist, which lists out the Acceptance criteria for each item as soon as the item is selected within an Inspectors Daily Report.


2022-06 NE MA Progress Payment Report Flag

Monitoring Acceptance and preventing accidental overpayment on items that have not met the Acceptance criteria.


The right tools help projects run smoothly. Let FACS automate the time intensive process of tracking Material Acceptance on your next project and start enjoying smoother projects today. Schedule a Consultation below to learn more.