The Future of Project Management Software


Have you ever purchased project management software and been disappointed in the results? This is a common issue many companies and agencies experience. Software vendors focus on selling the product they have which typically requires some operational calisthenics on your part of incorporate into your current processes.

The traditional software vendor model of selecting a single use tool, large bundle of tools or building something custom all force your team to adopt the software vendors way of working. They place additional, and unnecessary, pressure on your team. 



So, if the traditional software approach isn't working - what will? 

The new way software is being created - just for you. At FACS, we understand that your team and needs are different. That's why we created a software Platform that's different too. The FACS Platform is created by you, with help from our team, to meet your specific needs.

The Platform is designed so you can easily manage a project, program or all your projects in one central location. Each document and process you want to manage is configured to match your existing documents layout and workflows. The result is custom software at an off the shelf price.

FACS comes with a standard template and during the onboarding process this template is updated to configure the software to your specific needs. Your team is comfortable calling a document a certain name, knowing where to locate specific values on the documents layout and moving documents through a familiar workflow. All of this is recreated within your Platform. Click the button below to learn more about the standard template and all the configuration options available to you.



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Increase collaboration and speed reviews and approvals with documents that can be accessed anywhere, based on documents your team already loves. Generate, export and share reports based on the data your team is capturing. Items, Activities, Labor, Equipment, Payment and Materials - these are just some of the reports our clients utilize to keep their projects and programs on track.  All while eliminating the most common reason software implementations fail - user adoption pushback.

Reach out today for a complementary consultation to see what FACS can do for you and start to love your software again.