All of those with whom we connect and to whom we provide software have a process that emerges from no software to having construction management software. Sadly, going from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds isn’t possible with software, but moving quickly and smoothly is. Check out and use the steps below to calm the rough seas of software research and implementation.

First, make sure your software vendor has an experienced team on staff. If you ask your vendor about a specific piece of the software that is industry specific, you want them to be able to help and answer your questions in a clear and concise way.

Secondly, ensure your team is on board. Don’t think that if you “build it” or, in your case, buy it they will necessarily use it. That is not the case. Let your co-works review the software and make sure it will be used to its full capacity. Too often, multi-feature software is 15% utilized and the rest is left to waste. Double and triple check that the software you intend to implement is usable.

Thirdly, set up a workflow and communication strategy through your new software. To do this you will need to evaluate the communication function within the software. Then define how it will be used. If each user is doing something different, the success of the software implementation will be much less, due to lack of successful communication.

Finally, implement an initial and continued training program. Whether it be organizing assigned training tasks or team training efforts facilitated by the vendor, training must be a priority since knowledge almost always leads to success.

Though these aren’t the only steps you will need to follow and there might be differences for your company, these steps will help ensure a good fit and a successful construction software implementation.