Successfully Searching the Internet

Finding the right answer to your question online isn’t always as easy as a simple click. Think about your construction site for a moment. If something is in the wrong place by even an inch, you could suffer greatly down the road. The same goes for searching the internet. Search the wrong term by even one small word and you might be missing the best answer out there by a mile. It’s time to search better, and we’re here to show you how.

Use the right search engine.

Google is your necessary friend when it comes to searching. Other search engines have their specialties, but Google is the grandfather of them all. It offers instant search and a search depth beyond that of other competitors.

Know your search engine, and understand shortcuts.

Knowing how to search with shortcuts makes a world of difference because shortcuts act as search enhancers. Although there are hundreds out there, we are highlighting these few:

  • To find the meaning of a word, type define before it.
  • Type temperature into the search bar for an instant forecast.
  • Google acts like a tip calculator if you search for tip calculator.
  • Waiting for someone, or want to know when you will take off? Put your flight number into the search bar.
  • Include quote marks in your search and you will be sure that, no matter what, those words will be found.

Go ahead! Try searching “google search shortcuts” and you’ll find a myriad of other helpful hints on how to search better.

Use proper grammar.

Using proper grammar is key. If you make mistakes, your search will change to something completely different than intended. Luckily, most search engines do have spelling correction, but grammar is not always caught. Examples of words to be careful to use correctly are:

Adverse | Averse

Bare | Bear

Pedal | Petal

Track | Tract

There are many more than these, but making sure these types of words are correct will go a long way to ensuring your search yields the best results.

The internet isn’t getting smaller and easier to search. On the contrary, it is gaining more and more content daily, and we have to know how to wade through the muck to get to the good stuff. We hope that these search tips will help you find the answers to all of your questions in a simple and fast way.