We continually talk about ways to better manage your construction projects. Our goal is to make the management of your projects more simple, less frustrating and overall better. We love innovation, and drones are just that, an innovation that benefits you on your construction sites.

Drones have come a long way over the past few years, and, although they have been hotly debated, they have come to be quite useful in many different industry settings. They’re helpful for surveying projects not only with the basic video, but also with the measurement tools and other useful metrics that can be used given one has the right software tools. Drones offer the ability to do tasks quickly and efficiently that have been done by larger teams and heavier equipment in the past. Despite the fact that drone technology is continually needing improvement, it has come a long way and would be beneficial to add to your surveying toolkit.

Another benefit that drones offer is the ability to monitor job sites. Being present at job sites is always ideal, but when you can’t be present, an experienced drone operator can evaluate and monitor your sites and provide you a video recap of what is happening as well as detailed notes that describe the progress going on at each individual site.

Drones also have the unique ability to fly to where it is difficult for individuals to get. This means that they can greatly increase the ease with which you evaluate your job sites for safety and structural consistency. Drones can get the lay of the land on a road construction project within minutes, and with the right programs, they can evaluate with a high amount of detail.

Drones — are they relevant for construction, and will they be helpful to you in the long run? Yes. We believe drones have reached the point where it would be well worth it to invest in taking the next steps to implement them on your construction sites. Check out the resources below to learn more and move forward with your own drone implementation!