The Case Against Paper in 2016

The Case against paper is stacked high, quite literally. Over the years, there has been a dynamic shift from a life filled with paper to a life filled with digital devices. Many people still feel the need to have stacks of paper around their offices and homes, but that outdated desire is going away. With each new piece of technology that comes out we realize that paper is just holding us back from reaching our true potential.

So, what is the case against paper? While some still feel it has benefits, paper in today’s world, has more drawbacks then we realize.

  • Paper is physical
    • Since paper is physical, it stacks up – all over. It takes up room on your desk, in your car, and in your filing cabinets. It is a space waster and since it is physical it can easily be spilled on, thrown away, or misplaced. With paper only living in one location at a time enjoy lugging all the paper you might need between your home and office every day.
  • Paper does not archive easily
    • If you have ever worked with archiving projects you know that it is time-consuming, frustrating and simply not something you ever want to do again. The time you spend in the archival process or the dollars you spend paying someone to archive could be spent better.
  • Paper does not search easily
    • After getting your papers archived searching to find the one you need can take forever. No matter how organized you are in your filing system it will always be a pain to search for the documents and then replace them in the right spot.
  • Paper costs Money
    • Beyond the above costs, paper uses ink and comes with a hefty amount of printer maintenance costs. The cost of having a vast amount of paper is high.

The brunt of all these points leads to one outcome. Paper costs time and money. The case against paper is there and the job site is going to be better without paperwork. But the transition is daunting and you need access to plans, schedules, and inspection records quickly. Are you ready for a better solution?

If you’re interested in making the move from paper in 2016 to an easily managed paperless project management system, then give us a call or head over here and schedule a demo to see how FACS can help.