Face to face communication is easy. It is celebrated worldwide and the most effective way to solve problems and move projects forward. We all know that these ideal settings for communication rarely fall into place in the construction industry. The luxury of face-to-face is not always available and even though it is the most effective, it is not always the most efficient. The result is long and frustrating paper trails build up and cause missed deadlines and frustrating budget overages. Communication between the field and the office becomes lost in translation and frustrations rise. Even when you do have the chance to coordinate a face-to-face meeting, it is tough because you have a stack of paper to sift through to find the one item you’re looking for. The inefficiency of all these miscommunications is overwhelming.

So where does that leave you? It is evident that working to effectively and efficiently manage a construction site is a difficult beast to handle. Something has to change for you to successfully keep a strong hold on your site.

That’s where Field Automated Communication Systems (FACS) comes in. We want to change how construction sites are managed for the better. We like to think that our software is changing the game and allowing you to manage more efficiently. Among the many benefits, we allow you to take that frustrating stack of paperwork and sift through a digitized version of it in seconds and find the exact file you are looking for. You can be notified about project overages and grab hold of pressing issues in the moment rather than hours after the fact. No matter what frustration you have with construction management, FACS software can help. FACS helps fill the gaps of communication for you and fixes the difficult communication problems you face daily.