With many of the senior and more experienced members of construction teams moving into the private sector or retiring, there is a growing shortage of talent around the office. With most of the daily work hours being consumed by managing the current project and planning for the next one, the construction industry is looking around wondering where the leaders of tomorrow are. Check out the tips below to help attract millennials to your workforce!

1. Be Knowledgeable About The Potential Workforce

A poll run by The Hartford revealed that most Millennials, who are generally defined as those born after 1980, are not interested in the construction sector. The survey reported that “only 7 percent of young leaders said they are interested in working in construction, retail or manufacturing.” With such a small pool of interested candidates to pull from, securing top talent can be extremely difficult.

The key to securing your staff for the future begins by understanding what this generation of leaders value and ensuring your agency or company is broadcasting that message loud and clear. In an age of ever-shortening attention spans, knowing what captures a Millennial’s focus is the key to capturing their talent.

2. Tailor Your Company Environment To Be More Millennial-Friendly

Futurestep discovered what matters most to employees who are part of the Millennial generation is “the ability to make an impact on the business” at 23%, followed by “a clear path for advancement” at 20%, and “development and ongoing feedback” at 16%. Surprisingly, to many, income came in fourth place with just 13% ranking it as a motivating factor for accepting a job.

When selecting between a number of different job opportunities, 38% of Millennials claimed “visibility and buy-in to the vision of the organization” and 28% said “a clear path for advancement” was more important than the 18% that said “job title and pay” made the difference in their selection.

3. Showcase Company Culture + Perks

To capture talent, make sure to showcase the great culture and room for growth your firm or agencies can provide in addition to the job title and base salary. Throwing in the ability to have a flexible work schedule, career mentoring and nice benefits always helps, too, The Hartford survey showed.

4. Continually Innovate to Improve

Once the talent is brought in-house, make sure to keep it there by continuing to stay innovative. In today’s market, this means utilizing technology. Futurestep reported that 79% “would feel motivated by innovative working methods.” With jobs related to technology rating as the second most desirable on Millennials’ work wish lists, it’s clear that any technology innovations you can use will improve your bottom line and help you retain the top talent you need.

Without a doubt, millennials are needed within your company, and we hope these tips have helped share with you a direction in which to head in order to win them.