Learning and growing in expertise is something we all want to be doing. Many people read books and others read blogs. For those of you who do enjoy blogs as growth resources, we have pulled together 7 of the top construction blogs to follow!

Construction Marketing Association

This is a great resource for better marketing for construction. They offer ongoing posts about how to better your construction firm’s marketing and also how to simply make your construction firm better. They have free whitepapers, a membership program, and many interesting resources.

Link: http://www.constructionmarketingassociation.org/blog/

Capterra Construction Management

This resource is very beneficial and offers a vast amount of knowledge. The unique aspect that Capterra offers is they have a large research bent, where they have unique insights into the industry from many perspectives.

Link: http://blog.capterra.com/articles/construction-software/

Sourceable Construction

This blog is a great resource that offers not only analysis but also news from the industry. It is a great benefit for anyone interested in updates and quality information about what is happening and advancements being made.

Link: https://sourceable.net/construction/#


Constructech is a fantastic resource that offers some news, but also intuitive information that catches attention and provides valuable insight to the construction industry. The blog can also come in the form of a magazine, which is preferable to some.

Link: http://constructech.com/blog/


The ConAppGuru blog is a well-established blog that has proved its importance over and over. Not only do they offer a blog, but they also offer reviews of relevant software as well as a podcast to listen to and catch up on. Through their podcasts, they talk about new ideas, quality resources and more.

Link: http://conappguru.com/

Construction Dive

Construction Dive is a well-organized blog that includes news, events, and high-quality blog material. One of the unique beneficial aspects of this blog is that it is easily searchable by topic. The site also includes jobs and additional resources.

Link: http://www.constructiondive.com/

Extranet Evolution

This blog is a bit dated on the user interface side of things, but it makes up for that by providing a great level of in-depth data. Within their posts, they offer graphs and data sets that will help you better understand what is going on in the construction industry.

Link: http://extranetevolution.com/

Happy reading and learning!