Site safety for construction projects has always been a matter of concern. It is something that is difficult to track, as there are so many aspects that come with site safety management. There are a variety of ways that technology can help better control risk, and it is up to you to decided which ones to implement. However, these few thoughts will give you a head start.

Inspection recording has always been a good way of helping with the safety of construction sites. Being sure that everything is up to par is key to safety. Technology can specifically help out the inspection recording process in a few different ways. It improves inspectors’ reports through mobile access to project information and provides the full project team instant access to the most up-to-date project data. This allows for the reports to maintain consistency as well as accuracy. All of these aspects will allow for a better level of job site safety.

Shared collected data is another way that technology is helping to reduce the risk of on-site safety hazards. Systems that gather large quantities of information about the individual construction sites allow those who are controlling the safety of the site to better do their jobs. Inspection records are only a part of this and play into a bigger picture of job site safety. Cary Usrey, the implementation manager at Predictive Solutions Corp, has this to say about the concept of gathered data:

“Using a shared technological system to gather data, analyze it and then disseminate the information derived from it is not only a good idea but critical to truly protecting workers. Through a process involving the collection and review of data and subsequent feedback relayed to the appropriate end users, companies can set safety standards and expectations.”

New innovation is happening daily and it is providing exciting leaps forward in the safety of job sites. From new mobile friendly software to wearables, new technology is eliminating the old way of managing safety observations on paper, which could sit on a project manager’s desk for days or even weeks before risks were addressed.

We hope these thoughts on technology and safety help with your site safety in the long term. Technology isn’t the only way to ensure that your workers are safe, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. If you want to know more about how to ensure the safety of your site, keep your eyes open. We’ll soon be releasing our own inspection checklist as a resource for you to run through on your sites.