If you desire to work within the construction industry as a construction manager or a specific construction project manager, you’ll need to start considering what types of certifications and qualifications are needed in order to be easily hired. Also, those of you hiring may find it useful to learn more about these types of certifications and qualifications and how they can advance your workforce.

College Degrees

Degrees are one of the top ways for individuals to get ahead in the workforce. Not only because they offer a high amount of education, but also because they offer unique opportunities that not going to school may have lead individuals to miss. If you are looking to succeed in landing a construction management job, both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree will help you land that job.

Pro Tip: If this is the job you really want, go to school for one of these degrees: Construction Science, Construction Management, Business Management or Engineering.

Alternate Certifications

There are many other alternate certifications out there that will help you take the next steps to advance your professional career. Though these are not always mandated or even necessary, they are helpful and will allow you to learn more and be prepared to join the construction workforce. See a list below of relevant opportunities for certification.

1. Though not an actual certification, OSHA offers a helpful training course called the Outreach Training Program.

2. The Associate Constructor Certification was created to “provide constructors a professional certification of the skills and knowledge needed to manage the complex construction process.” It offers a great opportunity for advancement.

3. The Certified Construction Manager certification offers a great benefit to those who have completed the certification and to the employers of those with the certification.

4. The Project Management Institute offers a high-level certification where they claim that those who complete it will earn up to 20% more than those who have not.

We hope these ideas for certification will help you reach your goals in the construction management field!