What Exactly is API?

API is something you surely have heard of. But beyond that, it is often loosely described and even more often loosely defined. So what exactly is API? API stands for Application Program Interface. Its essential function is to act as a very efficient communicator between applications.


If you have an iPhone or any smartphone for that matter, you most assuredly know what apps are, i.e., the tools, games, social networks and other software that you use day-in-day-out.


Programming is the method with which technical engineers create all the helpful software that make our lives so much more simple.


An interface is a user-friendly connection shared by two software applications or programs that allow both to communicate with one another.

So, in essence, an API is the best way for programmers to set up communication between applications.

So how does FACS having an included API benefit you directly?

API has the ability to make the data within your cloud software easily transferable and communicable to your resident programmer. That programmer can then use the data received through the API to set up a system to better translate that data for your use. The key benefit is that with FACS flexible API we are able to connect with both older legacy and newly purchased systems. This allows FACS to fit seamlessly into your workflow and reduces the time-consuming process of updating disconnected systems.

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