There are many threats in this world worth fearing, and technology, for many, seems to consistently be towards the top of the list. It doesn’t come across as a threat of bodily harm, but instead as a threat of the unknown or causing frustration and slowing workflows down. Here at FACS, we see technology a bit differently. We see it as the opposite of a threat, as more of a helping hand. Technology allows us to be better and excel in new and exciting ways in the field.

When you start looking at technology as a helping hand, you begin to better understand that it is built to aid in advancing the way you work. There is a learning curve that comes with technology, but that curve can be conquered easily nowadays with all of the resources available to us. Ensuring success on the project is bolstered through continued education which includes utilizing technology to work smarter.  Encouraging others to see technology as an aid will help your team become early adopters allowing for your team to take advantage of the benefits provided sooner.

A critical part of utilizing technology is ensuring expectations are set correctly. New technology, like any new tool, will enable your team to be more productive using the same amount of resources they do now. New tools take training to master and while many tools help a single tool, or single piece of technology, is not likely to be a “Fix All” solution for your business.  The best path forward is to be open to using technology, test it out and take it step-by-step to see how it can help your team perform.  Here at FACS we help others discover how project management software can reduce much of the stress and pressure caused by the grinding pace of projects today. If you’re interested in utilizing technology on your next project give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.